Secrets About The Alabama Gulf Coast

Dated: August 12 2015

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8 Secrets about the Alabama Gulf Coast

The  Alabama Gulf has secrets. Deep and enriched with history, curious minds will have plenty to explore. Let’s get started with the top 8 secrets about the Alabama Gulf Coast you may have never known about.

  1. Fort Morgan: Built in 1812, the fort is listed as one of the nation’s 10 most endangered battle sites. Living historical events are scheduled throughout the year. If you're lucky enough to be here during the summer, take the guided candlelight tours. There’s plenty of goosebumps to cool you down from a hot summer day.

  1. Ellicott’s Stone:  Set in place on April 10, 1799, in Mobile by Andrew Ellicott, the stone represents U.S. Latitude 31 which is the beginning point for all public land surveys in the southern region.  Ellicott's Stone gives new meaning to X marks the spot, a geo catchers’ dream come true.

  1. The Grand Hotel Marriott Resort, Golf Club & Spa in Point Clear, once a military hospital in 1847, has some 300 slain Confederate soldiers buried adjacent to the hotel grounds.  In 1869, a fire destroyed cemetery records prompting citizens to erect a monument for the unknown soldiers.  Rumors have it that their whispers sometimes float in the breeze through the large gothic oaks.  During its 165 years of tradition, the Grand Hotel has spoiled some of its more lively guests with its famous whiskey sauce bread pudding, (a possible source of the rumors).

  1. Draped in a shroud of pine trees near Josephine, Alabama, a full-size replica of Stonehenge eerily evokes you to take a walk among the sculptured stones.  A few dinosaurs lurk there too and what appears to be a very large women soaking in Wolf Bay.  All part of Bamahenge near the Barber Marina. A great family photo-shoot for sure that’s not your average jump-and-wave on the beach pic.

  1. Bon Secour River serves up the best seafood in the region. A drive to Billy’s or Aqulia’s Seafood in the Bon Secour community could result in your best meal without the long lines of waiting. While you’re there, check out the retired shrimping and fishing vessels along the shores. One of the oldest communities of Gulf Shores, Bon Secour or Safe Harbor, was named by Jacques Cook, a member of d'Iberville's expeditions of 1699.   There are tales of Prince Madoc of Wales and his crew landing in the area well before the 1699 expedition leaving traces of blue-eyed Mandan Indians.

  1. Visitors approaching historic Foley on their way to the sandy shores of vacation would never think twice about the pavement beneath their their SUV’s, RV’s, and PWC’s, (Personal Watercrafts).  Underground lies a WWII tunnel built by John Snook, former owner of Gulf Telephone Company, connecting the telephone company and the Magnolia Hotel.  His concern for the welfare of his community prompted him to train each telephone operator to fight.  Snook’s Nylon Army were ready to defend their homes against any invasion or escape trying.

  1. Most of Americans considered World War II a war “over there”.  It was a typical beach day on May 1942 when German U-boats rode the waves into “over here.”  The  gulf became a war zone as U-boats sank freighters and tankers.  Night patrols of ordinary brave citizens guarded our freedom and the shores while taking in any weary waterlogged deserting German that swam or washed ashore.  

  1. In 1979, Hurricane Frederic wiped most of Gulf Shores from the map ushering in today’s tourism capital.  In 2004 and 2005, the area suffered once again with Hurricanes Ivan and Katrina.  As the community began to rebuild, the BP Oil Spill of 2010 occurred. In spite of all the adversity, the area flourishes as well as the native plants following each storm that rolls off the Gulf. The communities of the Alabama Gulf Coast continue to grow and offer some of the most beautiful landscapes in the south.

Take the time to visit our area and see for yourself why so many decide to stay.  For more information, contact one of our many professional real estate salespersons who can help you find the perfect spot to call home on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

Need a few more ideas, take a look at this list, 10 Secret Spots to Experience on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

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